Solar Water Distillation or
Desalination.  New breakthrough,
On a "Large Scale"
Using the sea, brackish, or recycled water, just as long as it is
water. We can help you leave a zero water footprint on your
home, farm, business, town or city. No more multi flash or staged
systems, or costly filtration, or chemicals being added.  
Imagine using water from the ocean for drinking at a cost of less than one penny per gallon the first year of opperation,
and is unlimited to the size it could be produced on. Sound to good to be true? Well it is not, this process discovered by
myself, Greg Lesher. It was discovered years ago after drilling on my own land and finding water with 3 times more salt
content than the ocean's in general. How is this possible you ask? It is a process I with some inspiration from above
discovered while asking how I could get the water I needed from the source I had.

After many attempts at old solar distillation methods I began to understand the process was to costly and could not be
scaled for anything but survival drinking water, and this could be possible if you already had food stored. Gardening
was out of the question. This is where my journey began, I always had felt it was possible, and on a shoe string budget.

This process only requires enough power to transport the water from its source, and to transport the distillate to where
ever it is needed. To this date, I have only used solar power to do it myself at a retail cost of $ 0.0047 cents a gallon
using materials from the local hardware. I have personally put 1,000's of gallons of pure drinking water into my home
system all off the power grid for the past couple of years, with no water treatment or filtration needed. It is like having
endless supply of rain water, with out the pollutants picked up by the rain from the air.  
84,045,000 gallons per year or more of desalinated or
pure drinking water from the ocean as it's source and
all this coming from this scale model unit.
Enclosed salt and distillate
recovery and collection
"The breakthrough" The test build, 100% capture of
the distillate. The largest solar water still with 100% capture of
distillate known to me, just search "solar distillation" and see
the results. Still size is 14 foot by 40 foot. Making it the largest
on record that  actually works in retrieving every droplet of
water formed, there is no size restriction! This first build
collects 90 liters per day of pure drinkable water. It requires
no power and can be scaled up 100's of times and be used
from any water source including the sea! It is the solution.
Non Desalinated:
Reverse Osmosis = 25 to 35 cents US
Distillation             = 33 cents per US

Desalination Cost: Click here

Our cost is less than 1 cent per US
This cost is figured over a one year
period, this initial cost is for the equipment,
including pumps and solar panels,
installation etc. This cost then becomes
almost non existent after the first year of
Price per cup of sea salt?
About $8 per cup in the US
The only real
solution to sea
water, brackish
water, polluted
water or any
deemed unusable
water source.
These are photos of a home sized
desalination plant prototype in use on a
well with a salt content 10 times that on
most seas. Reverse Osmoses plants will
not work with such hight salt content.
This is the only real world solution and it
is 100% scalable to fit the water needs of
the world. Water from any source made
pure. Now is the time to invest in the
future of water!
This system
requires no filtration,
no outside power
source, and there is
other than the sun.
All components are
operated of a 12 volt
PV Panel and a deep
cycle battery.