Outback Energy Systems
We have a simple solution to a design flaw in all known solar water distillers that have
kept them on a small scale. A simple solution has opened up a whole new world in the
use of salty or polluted water. This solution has now been developed into such a system
that it can now be municipal in it's size. No longer will reverse osmosis be practical above
ground. It has been said "water is the next gold" and we are sitting on the top of that
mine!. What is the current cost to produce this clean pure water? Try $0.047 cents a
gallon at retail material cost. This on a commercial build would be much less.
Obtain your own water source, purify your own water,
grow your own food miles from the nearest town
Real world solutions, simple appropriate and sustainable
Don't just give
them fish. Teach
them to fish!
Soul Air Heat TM

Produce your own heat and use it 24 hours a day
with out fossil fuels or grid tied electric power, 0%
emissions, truly free green on demand heat with
out any remodeling of your existing structure.
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"Regen Africa / Outback Energy Systems"

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( Desalination, Distillation, on a mega scale)
Solar Desalination / Distillation
Senegal TV interview 2015
Deep Boar Portable
Hydro Drill
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Solutions to all the worlds water problems. The
design flaw of solar water distillation is now
 Water is the new gold!The future of water
is now, and we have the answers. Here is a
statement showing thoughts on water, from the
 "Anyone who can solve the problems of
water" John F. Kennedy once said, “will be
worthy of two Nobel prizes—one for peace and
for science," . Another quoted statement from
our past,
 "Water, water, everywhere, nor a drop to
drink", This solution will bring peace to many
people who are in great need of this simple
wonderful solution. No need for highly
complicated power consuming methods to purify
sea water, brackish water or polluted water
Just imagine the sea
a usable source of
fresh water
for the world's
Contact: Darryl Thomson
"Oasis Tension Structures"

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Total municipal setup
Solar Desalination Water Station
Salt reclamation
Purified water storage