We are here because the worlds population needs fresh clean water, and not at the hands of a few control minded
corporations who seek the
control and manipulation of people, their money and their lives. We truly have the solution to real water
independence. Any water source will do, including polluted waterways, run off drains, ponds, the ocean and even bodies of water like the
great salt lake, the dead sea, the pink lake in Senegal Africa and many others. Even small towns make you shut down your own
personal well on your own property to hook you into their metered grid. Thus the manipulation of your water and dollars, and the use of
their chemical additives. And in some states, the
storage of rain water is illegal. We find this government control of the highest distress.
However, should the rain water be run through our system and stored, it would no longer be classified as rain water, it becomes purified

Our vision is to see this tech become a house hold viable solution to places like
Flint Michigan, where there use of old lead pipes still
exist, and chemicals are added to coat the pipes to prevent lead poising. Most cities and towns use these chemicals to keep water
pipes from leaching lead, and other non desirable metals,
chlorine fluorine etc. The question is, do you like ingesting these chemical
concoctions in your diet?  
Koalack Senegal, where peoples teeth turn brown from the salt and minerals in the water. Bali Indonesia,
where the water pipes are so old "
Bali belly" water born illness from drinking tap water exist.

The story behind the story:

Greg Lesher is my name, and back around the year 2000 I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. After suffering with the pain
in my lower back and shoulders while driving trucks I got to the point where I was feeling that over the road driving was becoming to hard
to hold down a job that would sustain my family. I went through a divorce, a bankruptcy. And was forced to go on Social Security disability.
I hate asking others for help, even family. Since that time I have been greatful that such a program exists. One of my favorite shows was
a movie, a true story about a fighter back in the depression who went from a good living to being one of the poorest. The movie was

Cinderella Man
. This movie, along with my unpleasantness of receiving SSI assistance has motivated me to find a solution to come out
of the burden I felt over my head 24/7 of being dependant on such assistance. In this movie, the fighter became rich again and inspired
many poor in the depression as the underdog who beat all odds. When he walked into the welfare office and placed ever dollar bill he
had received from that government program, I knew that I must do the same. As I picked a goal, through research I found that over half
the hospital beds in the world were filled with patients with water born illness. Here was a worthy goal, if I could find a simple solution to
such an overwhelming problem, one that even the poor could get a hold on, I could make a difference and maybe even repeat the movie
Cinderella Man, and repay the funds, all of them I have received from Social Security Disability. Yes, all of them. Little did I know I would
be faced with a problem trying to keep myself out of Government housing, by buying some cheap land and finding a used mobile home
and creating my own electricity. Drilling my own well, and the creation of my own drilling rig would make it affordable. No loan or charity
program necessary. And if I could do it maybe I could teach others to do the same in drought stricken regions of the planet, maybe this
was the method I was seeking to end assistance. Less use of government assistance was my goal then as it is now. My plans are
simple, when I receive funds from my projects I will walk into the Social Security Office and replace the funds I have received. Or offer to
support that amount in helping those who can no longer work, keeping them off of charity.

I discovered these techniques because of a hidden blessing I received when a highly salt concentrated well I drilled was the result, so
salty even
reverse osmosis was not an option. And as I found, living off grid the cost alone for reverse osmosis was to prohibitive to be
useful. So I started his investigation, and with patients, prayer and willpower, I set out to find the solutions.
Solar still desalination was at
this point limited to survival sized applications. Small single basin, single unit designs were all over the Internet but had one thing in
common, they were all limited to small survival amounts of potable water. This was out of the question for a household with no fresh
water supply. So with some amazing answers from a dream, I built my first prototype single basin, single unit solar passive still. And
recorded his progress the 4th day it was in operation. Link here

At this time, we are in the process of securing the designs and patents to protect ourselves so we may bring these designs to where
they are needed. This tech is for you, and everyone who is literally sick of drinking water from old pipes with
chemical concoctions added
that have been proven to cause cancer and attack the friendly flora in our digestive systems. This all, with out the cost of filtration, boiling
the water or drinking bottled water from expensive corporations who have been known to add their own chemical concoctions to their
water in the guise of "your own good". And for all those who do not have a clean healthy source of potable water for drinking, cleaning
and gardening. We have the solutions to real water independence.
My Story