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From the ocean,s
now  comes fresh
life giving water
  1. Unlike reverse osmosis, there is no need for a
    return of rejected saline concentrate to be
    returned to the environment, which is known to
    cause sterilization of both plant and animal life.
  2. Salts and minerals are collected and can be
    used or sold. Creating more jobs.
  3. No outside sources of fuels or power are
    required to run the water station, thus keeping a
    zero carbon footprint. No chemicals or
    expensive filtration systems are required, the
    output is pure water.
  4. Can be scaled to the size of required outputs or
    use, no need for multiple units causing
    expensive installations. Can be built up, in
    space limited areas.
  5. Can be passive, for use in small villages or
    remote communities. Or fully automated with
    little maintenance requirements to run the
    municipally sized installations.
  6. Uses power from the sun to heat and cool the
    water station, but can be fitted with outside
    power for emergencies.
  7. Can be built in existing decommissioned rail
    containers or semi trailers for easy transport to
    remote locations or disaster areas where clean
    purified water would be required.
  8. Can be built to resemble existing buildings or
    structures to match surrounding structures the
  9. Extremely inexpensive compared to existing
    technology currently in use today, with little
    operational costs.
  10. Can decentralise water, being placed in existing
    systems in use today.
  11. Can be used to collect mining waste water, and
    complete recovery of mining chemicals in the
    water collected. The output from the mining
    operational water would be purified water that
    could be put back into the environment.
    Reducing the negative effects to our planet.
  12. Quite possibly the only inland desalination
    solution that really makes sense.
  13. Unlike reverse osmosis, parts per million or
    parts per hundred are not an issue. And any
    compromised source of water could be
  14. Opens the possibility to expand populations to
    otherwise undevelopable regions due to lack of
    water. Opens coastlines and uses the ocean as
    a fresh source of water. In a rising seas world,
    this is a positive movement.
  15. Can be run through natural minerals providing
    better health where lack of minerals in local
    diets are present.
  16. It is a new form of a concentrated solar still.
                    Going Green for Life!
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Some of the many advantages of the
solar desalination water station
Solar Desalination Water Station