The Topaz Still  
                   E Book overview
This paper or ebook consists making a scalable passive solar
still as large or as small as the maker requires. Included in the
ebook are instructions to retrofit previously designed solar stills
allowing them to be as big as required for water needs, and
methods already discovered by other people used to enhance the
evaporation rate or boiling of the source water to be purified for
rapid evaporation using only the power of the sun.  

The volume of clean water production is dramatically increased
advancing the utility of passive solar stills beyond the scope of
personal survival and greatly reducing the need to build
multiple units for the same volume of pure, drinkable water.  

Even existing passive solar stills, including recent variations
with unique patented designs can optimise their productivity by
utilising the concepts of the Topaz design.

Yes, it’s correct, the centuries old designs of passive solar
distillation now have the potential to evolve and scale their
production volume of clean, drinkable water using the design
concepts and principles revealed in this ebook.

Since Greg proved the efficiency of his first breakthroughs in
Solar Distillation which began early in 2013, the interest in his
adaptation and advancement of the technology has been
overwhelming. The global demand for potable water has almost
doubled and the world’s focus towards sustainable desalination
has sharpened considerably.

Rather than race to market and commercialise his discoveries,
astutely, Greg Lesher has continually developed and evolved
the design and efficiency of his technologies.   A byproduct of
his dedication was solving several pieces of the puzzle that has
limited the efficiency of traditional single slope, multiple slope
and even pyramidal passive solar stills used for water
desalination culminating in the Topaz Passive Solar Still.

The name Topaz was adopted owing to the striking geometry of
the design, bearing semblance to the facets and spires of over
sized topaz crystals.  Coincidently enough, Topaz mountain,
located in Millard County, Utah, is only 30 minutes from where
Greg lives, experiments and tests his concepts.

Our goal is to promote the practicality of this design to fulfil it’s
role in enabling part of the worlds need for fresh clean drinking
water on or off the grid. Aesthetically akin to a work of art, as
the Topaz still heats up and fills with steam, it takes on the
appearance of a swirling smoky crystal.  

We look forward to seeing people’s interpretations of the design
whether it be proudly pointing skywards on top of city
buildings, lit up with LED lights at Burning Man or engineered
with locally available materials in remote parts of Africa and

To further fund ongoing innovation, this ebook is available as a
paid download, the purchase price of the ebook constitutes a
license to utilise the design for personal, non-commercial use
and may not be reproduced or redistributed without express
consent of the author.

Part proceeds from the sale of the ebook contribute to building
and distribution of Topaz solar stills to communities at risk
from drought and waterborne disease in developing areas of
Africa and Asia.  

As part of the pre-order process to obtain this ebook, you will be
required to sign a personal use document. Any production of the
Topaz Passive Solar Still design for commercial use is strictly
forbidden at this time. We hold, maintain and will enforce all
rights to this design and use. All rights are reserved as of
November first 2019, the time of the design’s inception.

Any versions of this method used for charity must include
Gregory D Lesher or one or more of his associates on site of the
build, feel free to contact us for further assistance, 24/7. Please
contact us for special charity work agreements.
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The Topaz
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A centuries old design that has been limited to a small survival size, now cracked open by Gregory D. Lesher
© December 2019
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