Our own heavy duty water swivel and 1 1/4
inch heavy duty drill stem available
Our swivel: notice the
thread size compared to
theirs on the output left

Heavier and larger stem  
means better and
heavier drill pressure
applied to job. Also
greater mud flow to bit.

Built to last, and easy
breakdown if servicing
or cleaning is needed.
The competitions
water swivel. Notice
it failed and hose
clamps were used to
attempt to remedy
the problems.
Easy to transport where other rigs are
difficult to move. This means it can go to
remote locations.
Brass bushings, larger hex
head for larger tools to make the
job easy.
Simple breakdown
for easy cleaning
and servicing
Honda 5 1/2 hp.              Powerhead
Drill rig                 power head
Because of our
innovative design,
we have taken the
problems of small
hydra drill, bore hole
rotary rigs and
redesigned them to
be able to handle a  
much greater depth
and handle much
more weight in drill

Problems of stuck
bits, jammed in rock
and other structure
are now much less
of a problem.

Our tech makes it
easy to accomplish
drilling deep wells.
rock bit, makes it
simple to drill
through solid rock
Greg Lesher
Unique copy right design has greater weight lifting ability, and can be
built for deep bore holes. It is extremely portable and easy to operate.
Making it the most versatile design on the market.
Deep Bore Portable TM
What we can offer: On site construction of the rig or rigs, with proper welding and cutting tools or
shop available. On site training on drilling, fitting, well development, solar or on grid connections.
This allows local trained crews the ability to bring water to remote villages or with in a city
environment. Giving the opportunity for employment, in agriculture, fish culture, aquaponics,  green
house culture and farming, water desalination and purification. Water storage and distribution. We
have expert's trained and schooled in all these areas who are willing  to teach local residents in
these fields on site.

This will allow developing countries to be sustainable producers, empowering local people the
opportunity to offer unlimited potential for a better life. We know water is the most basic of human
rights, because it is God granted to sustain life. Therefore we are committed to this end!
This drilling
project bored
through 90
feet, or 27.432
meters of
granite rock in
3 days. Some
of the crew had
never drilled
and as young
as 15 and as
old as early
Original copy right design is owned by Jim Dutson and
Greg Lesher and is in possession of Outback Energy
Systems and Greg Lesher
(All rights reserved, Copy right 2012 - 2020)
Superior drill stem and weight support
The "cage"
Solar water pumps from
2 gallons per minuet to
75 per minuet.
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