About Us
I have been off grid for over 14 years and understand
the problems with creating your own power, water and
everything else you have come to depend on to
sustain a good lifestyle. We know that when you free
yourself from the utilities in pockets you become less
dependant and a little richer.

We can teach you the basics of how to maintain your
own oasis in this changing world, keeping you fit and
secure from those who eat at your finances. Whether
you are on a shoestring budget, or have funds to
complete an entire system, we can help. Remember,
even if you can start to free up some of your funds
from the utilities, those funds can help bring you out of
that money pit. Why pressure those in Governments to
provide the basic needs for life when you can do it
yourself. After all their help is not really free, and they
are already over burdened.

We have developed a simple solution to a design flaw
in all known solar water distillers that have kept them
on a small scale hardly usable except in a survival
situation. A simple solution has opened up a whole
new world in the use of salty, polluted or
compromised  water. This solution has now been
developed into such a system that it can now be
municipal in it's size. No longer will reverse osmosis
be practical above ground. It has been said "water is
the next gold" and we are sitting on the top of that
mine! We are just waiting and searching for the right

We have simple technologies that you can install
yourself or with our help. Please feel free to ask us
anything, we are here to help you bring back what our
world needs, independence and success. That means
more time to do what you enjoy. More family time.

We are bringing these simple, appropriate, and
sustainable technologies to the peoples of  world who
also seek independence and good overall heath and
welfare to their families, and those in need.

Don't just give them fish. Teach them to fish!