What we can offer to developing nations, countries and villages:
"Clean potable water, sustainable and appropriate for permanent use"
1. Construction on site of the Deep Boar Portable. Licence to build more as needed by local trained people
for development and
local jobs, not for resale or marketing with out contract agreement in place. This can be
done in local metal shops, schools, or anywhere that a power source can be provided in a shelter or structure.
Some of the tools needed include:

a. A welder, stick or wire feed needed.
b. Grid power or generator sized to accommodate the welder and tools for construction.
c. Chop saw, or angle grinder and blades. (Angle grinder is a must have).
d. 2 pipe wrenches.
e. Basic tools include hand drill, bits. Wrench set. Access to nuts and bolts. Spay paint      
f. Metal for frame, black pipe for drill stem, threading tools for pipe.

The class on construction must consist of an English speaking translator, who speaks the native language
unless students speak English. A basic list of common parts will be provided such as reversible hand crank,
cabling etc. If these parts are not available locally they can be provided.

2. Basic class on safety practices, proper treatment and care of the equipment.
3. Basic class on how to locate the best site to drill. Investigation of existing wells.
4. Well casing and screen pipe construction.
5. On site preparation for tailing pond, recovery pond, proper drilling compound mixture for bore hole
6. Proper drill logging, what to look for in locating aquifers. Knowing when to stop, basic drill stem recovery.
Knowing what bit to use for the job, and what bit to use for bore hole reaming.
7. Installation of well casing, proper screening techniques. And well development and testing.
8. Basic understanding of pumps, what pump are best for the well and demand, proper maintenance of the
pump. Emergency methods used when pumps fail to recover needed water for survival.
9. Basic electrical safety, pump wiring, solar and grid connections. Circuit protection. Battery installation, and
achieving the proper sizing of battery bank for well demand. Maintenance of batteries.
10. Solar panel installation, monitoring and proper charge control sizing. Basic sizing of solar system
according to solar charts and demand from well. (This knowledge will also be good for solar system
installation for off grid power to homes and structures installations.)
11. Water storage and distribution, testing and filtration.

Other must have items per drill rig, each rig must have for operation:

1. Water pump or trash pump (motor pump).
2. Hosing and screen.
3. PVC pipe for pressured systems or schedule 40, four inch, or 6 inch to depth of bore hole.
4. Bore hole stabilizer
5. Hand shovel
6. 400 lbs of pea sized gravel
7. 400 lbs concrete
8. Water swivel for each rig, transmission for each rig, and power head motor for each rig. Motor may be
purchased and adjusted in country if available. These three items need to be shipped from the US. If machine
shop is available,  the water swivel can be made with proper tools and design instruction

We have a summer program in the field of fisheries management for fish culture. Our fisheries biologist has a
degree in this field and has his teaching degree from the United Stated in these fields . He will be available to
teach and travel beginning the summer of 2017. Programs will include aquaponics and greenhouse farming,
along with new developments in greenhouse contained water recovery, heating and cooling thermal and solar
developments pioneered by
Greg Lesher and Dingi Ntuli

If these programs are needed in your village, town, region or country, please contact us now for a more
detailed list of programs we offer. This way we may move forward as needed. Making clean fresh potable
water available to everyone. Please contact my Senegal and west Africa partner for projects in West and
central Africa, or
Dingi Ntuli for southern Africa. We will help provide life saving jobs and transfer our
to better the lives and over all health of your peoples.
On site assembly and training
We give hands on well drilling experience
Contact:    Greg Lesher
Hwy 6 Lot 54, Hinckley, Utah 84635-0263 USA
Office        1 (801) 937-4583
Mobile       1 (435) 406-1237
Senegal     (011) +221 78 420 9021   (011=US)
Contact:   Dingi Ntuli
"Regen Africa / Outback Energy Systems"
Office        +27 21 761 2620
Mobil        +27 71 542 3406
Clean open hand dug well conversion project
Want to help save
lives? Please donate
to our new project of
"existing hand dug
open well

What we will do:

1. Clean water.
2. Cap well to  
3. Install pumps.

Both solar and hand
pup will be installed
for back up water
Please help us end water born sickness
and deaths from using open wells for
drinking, together we can do this!
Any one want a drink from this
open well?
organizations name on a
permanent plate on the well and
send you the photos with some of
the locals using the cleaned well
for a sizeable donation.