Deep Bore Portable Well Rig

This patented design was inspired by the problems we faced when drilling for water. The smaller scale water well rigs just didn’t cut it and constantly got jammed. We teamed up with experts in the field to create a solution that solves these and other problems. Welcome to The Deep Bore Portable Well Rig.

Using our patented technology we added a larger, more powerful engine to power through those tougher sediment layers you may encounter on your journey to a clean water source. Among other things we also strengthened the frame to hold a larger stem so you can reach further depths than other units to allow for a deep bore hole.
The Deep Bore Portable Well Rig is a game changer for sure!

Our knowledgeable team here at Outback Energy Systems also offers onsite construction of the unit(s) purchased, as well as custom welding/cutting specific to your needs. As an added bonus we also offer services which include training on the equipment, usage, fitting, well development, solar, on-grid connections and more.

This technology can help bring about much needed employment in the economic and agriculture industry as well as bringing fresh water closer to communities where it is a scarcity.

We encourage any community in need of a clean water source to contact us as we can provide our services to you through any means necessary. We understand that water is a necessity are willing to do the best we can to help your cause.