Our Story

Our Story

Outback Energy Systems formed because everyone deserves access to a fresh clean water source. We have a solution to gaining real water independence and want to share what we have discovered with the world. You can use any water source including polluted waterways, run off drains, ponds, the Ocean and even saline bodies of water such as The Great Salt Lake, The Dead Sea, The Pink Lake, and many others. Our method of collection is classified as “purified water” bypassing many laws about storing rainwater.

Our goal is to teach you how to get access to pure, clean water even in your own backyard no matter where you reside.

The Man Behind the Story

First and foremost thank you for taking the time to get to know us here at Outback Energy Systems! Let me introduce myself, My name is Greg and I have been dealing with a degenerative disc disease in my spine for quite some time. This disease caused me to hit rock bottom to the point where I came to the realization that it was either going to cause me to completely give up, or figure out a way to support myself without the need for government assistance. I’ve always wanted to thrive and not just merely survive, and so began my journey.

The methods and technology presented on this site are tried and true. I use them myself and have brought myself out of poverty on a small parcel of land I reside on. All proceeds will go toward furthering this technology as well as paying back my debt to those who have provided support to me in the past.