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The Solar Desalination Water Station

Outback Energy Systems has decided to release our many years of collected research in a book called “The Solar Desalination Water Station and The Flat Top Solar Still”. After living through extreme droughts in our part of the world we made a simple decision to bring our findings to a suffering, thirsty world. New book coming soon, (Don’t Just Survive Off Grid, Thrive! (A DIY guide to self reliance.) The need for fresh water has never been more of a problem than it is today as lakes, rivers and streams are drying up world-wide. Second only to the air we breath, water is a resource you simply can’t live without. Not being able to access fresh clean water to drink, farm and keep clean causes more disease and famine than we realize. We here at Outback Energy Systems believe we have a solution to solve this problem.

Our compiled solutions are included in a guide for providing access to clean and pure fresh water-no matter the climate you reside in. To receive a numbered hard bound signed copy of this book , with a $39.95 donation currently available, simply click on the (donation link) or Amazon link non signed copy with other options (digital, hardbound or paperback) and you will receive a single copy Please include shipping instructions in the comment section. Extra shipping will be needed for special signed and numbered bound copies outside the continental United States. Please consider donating extra so we can get this technology to all who really need it. Also available on Amazon, Amazon Kindle on this link below, Thanks, Greg