Solar Power

If you’ve come this far we can only guess you are looking for more information on solar power. First of all, its cheap! You can harness energy from The Sun for about fifty cents a Watt and in most cases that’s half of what your local power company can do. Need another reason? Its also an unlimited and green power source. Most power companies rely on oil or gas to produce power releasing harmful toxins into the air.

Live in an area that doesn’t get a lot of Sun? That’s okay. Most solar panels can harness energy from The Moon or stars as well, albeit at a much lower level than that of The Sun, but you can always couple this with a windmill or get more panels to capture more light when it does shine. We have solutions for what you need in any environment.

Outback Energy Solutions also works with on or off grid power, so you can save on your energy bill even if you live in the city. Now is the time to get started as many cities and towns worldwide are experiencing power outages due to more power consumption due to climate change.