The Topaz Still

What is The Topaz Still or better yet what is a water still and how does it compare to bottled or tap water?

Water from the ground contains minerals, toxins, and other types of contaminates introduced at is flows downstream to the water source you extract if from. Cities and towns try to clean this up through water filtration stations that remove a good portion of the toxins and other harmful chemicals in tap water. They then introduce chemicals back into the water for cleanliness and taste. Bottled water is mainly just filtered water from these sources.

By using a still, it removes all the toxins, and other chemicals introduced into the water and gives it a pure clean source of drinking water free from all this. Outback Energy Systems has created an at home passive water still that you can set up in a space as small as a city backyard. We offer plans for a scalable solution to fit your needs. Already have a water still. don’t worry, you can add this solution to a pre-existing still and add to the output as you see fit by only harnessing the power of the sun.

Our secret is in the design of the unit, and you can learn more about it by obtaining a copy of the plans. Using shapes found in nature rather than single-sided designs most stills rely on has helped in producing a more efficient design and improving output considerably.

You can order a copy of the plans for personal use only. To further fund ongoing innovation, these plans are available as a paid download, the purchase price of the plans constitutes a license to utilize the design for personal, non-commercial use and may not be reproduced or redistributed without express consent of the author.

Part of the proceeds from the paid download contribute to building and distribution of The Topaz Solar Water Stills to communities at risk from drought and waterborne disease in developing areas of Africa and Asia.

As part of the pre-order process to obtain these plans, you will be required to sign a personal use document. Any production of The Topaz Passive Solar Still design for commercial use is strictly forbidden at this time. We hold, maintain, and will enforce all rights to this design and use. All rights are reserved as of November 1st, 2019, the time of the design’s inception.

Any versions of this method used for charity must include Gregory D Lesher or one or more of his associates on site of the build, feel free to contact us for further assistance, 24/7. Please contact us for special charity work agreements.