Solar Power
Solar power for as low as 50 cents per watt. Anything
below 1 dollar a watt is cheaper than the power
company can produce it for!

So why pay the power company for dirty produced
power, when you can use the sun to produce clean,
green and truly free power?
A simple parking cover, can be adjusted to rack a total solar
cover, producing not only power to run your business,
hotel, or home, but also providing a shade and weather
blocking system. Keeping vehicles and the environment
A small cabin system
Or a home system, grid tied or not
feel free to contact us for solutions to
keep you free and clear of the control of
the power grid.

Now is the time to move on solar, the
prices have never been so low, and the
solutions so easy to be your own power
producer. Freeing your funds to use
where they are needed and to be a good
steward of the earth, providing a better
future for generations to come.
We offer solar well
pumps that can pump 2
gallons per minute to 75
gallons per minute.
Complete installation
and pluming come with
well installations.

Contact us for pricing
In well pumps
solar or on
grid pumping
solar or
on grid